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I couldn’t think of an exciting title, but this is a really exciting, practical, useful, and potentially life-changing post … no, potentially world-changing.

We have idealistic ideas about what it means to be a missionary. In reality, missionaries are people who get up and do what needs to be done, day after day after day.

Recently, one of our young people—she’s just 19—blogged her 6 or 7 weeks with Jason Fitzpatrick in very rural Mexico, ministering to impoverished Indians. I don’t know how she found time to do all the things she wrote about; it seems like there wasn’t even enough time to write about it.

You don’t have to read all her blog posts. Completely unnecessary. But you should read some of them.

Mexico Trip Updates

"Mexico Trip Updates"??? Completely inappropriately named. "Adventures in Mexico" wouldn’t be exciting enough!

Threats, crazy people, medical emergencies, rescued children, communal living situations … all of that in 6 weeks, and most of it over and over again.

Lots of ministries offer short-term mission trips as a "vacation" nowadays. You should take advantage of one. One trip to a 3rd-world area, and your whole perspective on life and the world changes.

You should do it.

The blog above is Dassi’s blog. The one below is Dossie’s blog. Two Hadassahs with two slightly different nicknames and two different mission trips. There’s just nothing like it:

2010 Mexico Mission Trip

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