Preaching the Gospel: A Story

Today’s post is just a story to illustrate yesterday’s post. It’s just a short one, and I don’t remember the source, but everyone ought to know this story.

I believe that it was David Brainerd, preaching to Native Americans, who told the story of an Native American girl who had believed the Gospel.

"I would follow Jesus anywhere," she said, "even to hell!"

"You won’t go to hell now," Brainerd explained. "Jesus has saved you from your sins."

"It doesn’t matter to me," she replied. "All that matters is that I get to be with him."

That’s a woman that’s been saved by Jesus. She’s heard about him, fallen in love with him, and there is no doubt that she will have power when the devil rises up against her.

She’s a modern (somewhat modern) equivalent of Mary Magdalene, and the devil finds no place in Mary Magdalenes.

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  1. jeremiahbriggs says:

    That's awesome. I love stories like that. That woman is definately born of God!

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