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Why Do I Disagree with the Early Churches on Procreation?

Anyone familiar with the early Christian writings knows that from a very early date the churches began to oppose sex, even in marriage, for any other purpose than having children. I think they were influenced by Greek philosophy, not apostolic … Continue reading

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Why Do I Commune With Remarried Christians?

To one who, before believing, had been loosed from a wife, she will not be counted a second wife who, subsequent to believing, is the first. For it is from believing that our life itself dates its origin. ~Tertullian, c. A.D. 200 Continue reading

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Why Don’t You … ?: Head Coverings

A friend that I’m honored even to know, who always treats me with a respect I don’t deserve, wrote me to ask why I don’t talk about the kinds of things that a lot of other early church fanatics talk … Continue reading

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Truth and Error, The Fall of the Church, and the Fathers

Well, it’s been a while; over 2 weeks. So this will lightly touch on several subjects. Email Rumors: Taking Things With a Grain of Salt I had an email forwarded to me titled "Interesting Facts." It read: This October has … Continue reading

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The Pope and Apostolic Succession in the Early Church

I put a teaching on the pope in the early church up on youtube. I can only load videos up to ten minutes long, so it’s in five parts. I also just finished editing a teaching on apostolic succession, kind … Continue reading

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The Church’s Power

I got a letter recently with some great quotes in it. Unfortunately, I don’t have it with me as I write this, so I’ll use some almost as good quotes from a book I’ve been looking at called When the … Continue reading

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