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Psalm 84: Whose Strength Is in You

A friend of mine made a banner for me for my hospital room with Psalm 84:5-7 on it. I’m on day 20 of my first round of chemotherapy for acute leukemia, in case you don’t already know that. I’ve been … Continue reading

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On the Favor of God

The following post on my leukemia blog seemed worth reposting here. Theologically and practically, there’s a lot of context needed to it that both this blog and that one provides. It may or may not make sense to you if … Continue reading

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Hearing God

I’m mixing my blogs today. On my Leukemia blog, “Thrilled to Death,” I’m writing about setting our eyes on Jesus. That requires some comments about hearing God, which goes better here. You’ll understand the short teaching you’re reading here, but … Continue reading

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Can This Really Happen in America?

Last night I went to a Bible study. Most of the people I’d never talked to before. The topic was faith and works. Everyone agreed with me. It wasn’t a dream. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I’m somewhat scared … Continue reading

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My Leukemia Blog

This really isn’t meant to be a leukemia blog, so I started a new one called Thrilled to Death. It’s sort of an online journal, so I’ll be talking about the whole process and what I’m going through there. I … Continue reading

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Leukemia: Humbled To Be Found Worthy

This post won’t go up until July 9. By then I should be in the hospital, just finishing chemo, with no bone marrow and no immune system, and starting a 4-6 week recovery. My 50th birthday is July 11. Happy … Continue reading

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On Leukemia and the Grace of God: A Short Comment

From a note to my aunt: God’s really given me grace for this, and he’s even given my wife and kids grace. The problem is, he’s not giving all my relatives grace, and I’m finding I have to share the … Continue reading

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