My Leukemia Blog

This really isn’t meant to be a leukemia blog, so I started a new one called Thrilled to Death. It’s sort of an online journal, so I’ll be talking about the whole process and what I’m going through there.

I have no way of knowing what that will be like. I’ve never had leukemia before.

I’m scheduling this blog for July 11, though it’ s only the 1st. I already have other blogs scheduled until then. Quick fatigue and the possibility of going into the hospital for weeks at any time has forced me to eliminate a lot of my responsibilities, so I have time on my hands do what I love to do: research, learn, and write!

One more blessing of this wonderful gift!

So, back to the Rest of the Old, Old Story on July 13, and if you only care to (or have time to) read what I have to say about leukemia, and not the faith once for all delivered to the saints, then you can switch to the other blog and be delivered from this one!

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