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(What) Blessings to You?

I got a very nice email today ending with " … many blessings to you." I nicely sent back, "Blessings to you, too." What blessings? Sadly, we no longer know how to bless. We say things like, "Bless you." Bless … Continue reading

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Sunday and the Resurrection of Jesus

Today is Sunday. To the early Christians every Sunday was a celebration of the resurrection. On Sunday they would not kneel, and prayers were said with hands raised, which was the position of the cross to the early Christians. (Different … Continue reading

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No Condemnation to Whom?

You may or may not have noticed, but modern translations differ significantly from the King James Version at Romans 8:1. Modern translations, like the NASB and the NIV, say that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ … Continue reading

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Updates at Christian History for Everyman

For those of you that don’t already know from my Early Church History Newsletter, I have been updating Christian History for Everyman. What’s pertinent for this blog is the teaching and book pages. I’ve made a page for my books, … Continue reading

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A Little Different Look at Baptism

Today my kids and I used YouTube as a worship leader for devotions. We looked up Amazing Grace, and then we went from one music video to the next, picking songs we knew and singing along. One of the songs … Continue reading

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Traditions, Taboos, and Superstitions

Today I watched a powerful video, When the Rabbi Says "Come," for the second time. It’s one section of a video called In the Dust of the Rabbi. Ray Vander Laan’s excellent portrayal of life in Galilee and the background … Continue reading

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