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Christian History Timeline: First Century

Thanks to those who pitched in and pointed out things I missed or didn’t realize the importance of. I’m just one guy. I miss all sorts of things. I keep track, however, when corrected, so my picture of history keeps … Continue reading

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Super-abbreviated Christian History Timeline

Don’t miss yesterday’s post. It has much more information. Here’s a very general timeline of Christian history as I see it: AD 33-70: Apostles/apostolic era AD 70-325: Pre-Nicene Era. Persecuted The church, with exceptions unavoidable in a world of humans, … Continue reading

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Christian History Timeline

This is a complete overview of Christian history. I am trying my best, on this page, to make each line equal 25 years so you can feel the passing of time better. As we drill down over the next few … Continue reading

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