The Incredible Salvation of God

I think this story will encourage all of you. It’s true.

Almost 30 years ago I ran an auto insurance agency in Germany for a company called Fortune. One day a clearly bewildered lady came in with a friend to ask if I was a fortune teller.

What a great opportunity, huh?

I missed it. I simply told her that she had us mistaken. We sold Fortune auto insurance.

They left.

As has happened many times in my life (but not always) I was stricken by my cowardice in not jumping on that opportunity to tell her about the One who controls all our fortunes. I was so convicted I fell on my knees in the store and prayed fervently for her.

That night I went to a Bible study. This was 28 years ago, I think, so the details are fuzzy. I’m pretty sure it was a Bible study I rarely attended.

Anyway, after I was there a few minutes, in came the lady who had asked about fortune-telling, with her friend, led by one of the members of the Bible study. He explained that he had ran across them that day, explained the Gospel to them, and led them to Jesus.

Should have been me, but God love triumphs even our failures.

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I am a church historian and pastor, but I do occasionally play APBA baseball for fun.
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