Two Acts of Unbelief You Do Not Want to Commit

Paul jumped on the Corinthians for acting like humans (1 Cor. 3:3).


I have heard people say that Jesus was the second Adam. Jesus was not the second Adam. He was the last Adam. According to 1 Corinthians 15, he was the second “man,” but he was the last “Adam.”

The idea behind that Scripture is simple. In Jesus, Adam and his descendants died. For those of us who have left our old lives to live inside of Jesus, we are no longer the descendants of Adam. We put off the old man, and we put on the new man: the “second man.” We put on Jesus.

One act of unbelief we should never commit is regarding ourselves as humans, beset with human weaknesses.

Yes, we have to overcome the flesh. We have to put it to death by the power of the Spirit, but the very first step in overcoming the flesh is believing in is possible. Do not regard yourself as merely human. Put off the old man, put on the new man, and regard yourself as a child of God over whom sin does not have power.

A Clean Slate

The second act of unbelief I want to cover today is not believing that you have a clean slate … today, now.

When Peter asked how often to forgive someone who had wronged him and then repented, Jesus told him 70 x 7 times … per day.

If he is asking this of us, then surely he is offering that from himself.

The Scriptures say that his mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3:22). We see from the above that he will forgive us 490 times a day.

Two of your strongest weapons are regarding yourself like God regards you (cf. Rom. 6:11; 2 Pet. 1:3-4) and starting each day in confidence that our God is the merciful God he claims to be.

That’s not everything, but train with those weapons and you will find their power nothing short of amazing.

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