The Top 10 Posts of 2014

As many of you know, I am going through chemo for lymphoma. The chemo has been kicking my butt, excuse the terminology, the last few days. It sure makes it hard to blog.

I’m reblogging a couple posts from “Not for Itching Ears.” For those of you that are asking questions about just continuing on with traditions that have no Biblical basis, Jim asks a lot of the same questions we do. I may be posting somewhat sporadically, and you may enjoy interacting with Jim.

Not For Itching Ears

Not for itching ears top 10 2014That’s right, my friends.  The following post contains our own version of the Top 10 list:  The top 10 posts written at Not For Itching Ears this year.  We want to thank all of you for taking time to visit our site, read the articles, like them and comment on them.  It means a lot to us and it makes blogging fun!

We work hard on all our posts and are glad when they get attention. Starting it off, we have  Questioning Our Protestant Tradition of Sola Scriptura.  We wrote it in December and it is this year’s winner in two categories.  The most read and the most commented on.   In fact, it received more comments than any post ever.  All time!  Surprisingly, the debate was friendly.

We didn’t expect the About Jim  page to get a lot of activity and boy were we wrong!  Who knew? It is the 10th entry…

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