Warn the Unruly, Knock Out the Fainthearted: WHY?

I am elevating a comment of mine to a post. There are other comments on that page, which you may want to read to put mine in context.

Communication in the internet is important, but difficult.

Part of the problem is in my last comment. We are to warn the unruly but encourged the fainthearted and help the weak. I direct a lot of posts at the unruly because they’ve created a lot more false doctrine than the fainthearted and weak have.

You’re none of the three, so I don’t worry about you. However, I’m sure some of the fainthearted and weak read what I write, feel like it’s directed at them, and they simply feel punched in the gut by me, not convicted by God.

It’s so hard to know what to do because I believe the false doctrine needs to be weeded out. It slays people spiritually. I need a meter on my blog that is continually counting higher with a caption that says, “4,315 goats slip into hell every day thinking they are sheep.”

That’s 300 million people in the United States, 70% of which claim to be Christian, and 60% of those say they are not growing or backsliding. If each of those 60% of 70% of 300 million people live to 80 years, then 4315 of them will be dying every day.

And that’s assuming that the 28% of Americans who believe they are godly, growing Christians really are, which we all know is not remotely true.

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