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I haven’t posted on here in quite a while. We’ve been traveling, taking our kids to camp, preparing for a move to Memphis, trying to fit in work and looking for buildings to move our growing business to. Hectic but joyful time.

In the same time, we ran a special on my book, In the Beginning Was the Logos, and released The Apostles’ Gospel and How to Make a Church Fail. I’ve been trying to figure out how to turn our Revolutionary War site and our soccer site into more profitable “infopreneur” sites. We attract loads of traffic at both sites, but I’m not a very motivated money maker. I’d rather put out information than be a marketer.

So, speaking of information. Someone asked me why I ever post about evolution, since it might harm someone’s faith. As I thought about it, that part of me that loves truth rose up. I believe that all truth is God’s truth because Jesus is the Truth.

So here was my response:


I post things about evolution because evolution happened whether we Christians like it or not. Better to hear it from me, who sees no relation between believing in evolution and believing in God, than from atheists who love the false Christian theology that makes rejecting evolution the only way to believe in the Bible. They love it because they know they have plenty of ammo to reach any Christian who actually wants to look at the evidence for evolution.

It is impossible for an honest Christian to deny that evolution happened if he is willing to spend the time it takes to examine the scientific evidence. The only way to do that is to say, “Well, Genesis says it didn’t, so I don’t care about the mountainous, one-sided scientific evidence for evolution.”

I’m not the only person who cannot do that. So, I was persuaded by Christian liars, like Gary Gentry (ref) and Henry Morris (ref), and Christian circus barkers like Kent Hovind, to take up the cause for a young earth. I’m not the only one who’s been persuaded by them to do so. I thought they had prepared me for a defense of the Bible in arguing with the “evilutionists.” Boy, was I surprised to find out they had been purposefully lying and not one of their trainees could avoid getting their butt kicked in a debate unless there was a serious time limit on the debate (like under 2 hours). With time to go back and forth for weeks, read books, look at newspaper reports, and see extended debates, it became obvious that one side was looking at the evidence and the other side was sticking their head in the sands, slandering, misquoting, and often outright lying.

I’d rather Christians hear it from me than on the internet or from their geology professor in college. Or maybe we Christians can just stay out of scientific fields like geology, or make sure we never leave the classroom because those who do, and are honest, know that evolution happened.

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