Through the Bible, But No Longer in a Year

It’s been a long time since I posted a Through the Bible in a Year post. I simply have not had time to fit it into my life.

I’ve been talking to friends, and I still believe this project is very important and is blessing people. We’re just not going to pull it off in a year. At least one friend of mine is relieved about losing the pressure to get through the whole Bible in a year, and I suspect he’s not the only one.

I know at least that I’m relieved!

So I’m continuing right where I left off. I’m still going to do the blog Monday through Friday, but I’m not promising how many chapters I will do. I will simply let you know the book we are starting on each week, and the book we will go to next.

Way back on July 12 (which is more recently than I thought, praise God), we did Isaiah chapters 6-10. So we’ll take right back up at chapter 11. The plan after that is to do 1 and 2 Peter followed by Amos and Jonah. We’ll do Jeremiah after that, and that will carry us far, far into the future because that’s 120 chapters plus Amos (9 chapters?)

The July 12 post, covering 5 chapters of Isaiah was 3 or 4 thousand words long. I’m not very good at leaving things out. So I’m going to limit the size of my posts by not doing so many chapters! I’m going back to shooting for 1000 words or so. Once I break a thousand words, I’m putting any further chapters on the next day’s blog.

Okay, with that introduction, I’m going to work on Isaiah 11 (again). You’ll see at least that chapter up on Monday.

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