Through the Bible in a Year: Leviticus

This week’s through the Bible reading through Leviticus, which we will chew through in a week.

Mon: Ch. 1-6
Tues: Ch. 7-11
Wed: Ch. 12-16
Thur: Ch. 17-21
Fri: Ch. 22-27

Exciting goal in front of me this week! Keep Leviticus interesting! It’s one of the more complained-about books among new Bible readers. I’ll try to give hints to keep it simple and to dissect that collection of laws into something not only memorable, but worth remembering.

I’m only a day ahead right now. Tomorrow’s post is done, and I’ve moved from the "get sicker and sicker" phase of my treatment to the "get better and better phase."

That’s a way to say please pray for me. I love doing these things. It would be great to get ahead and have a couple days leeway … actually, preferably a week.

Please give me feedback! For any of you that are scared to give me negative feedback, know that I handle constructive criticism very well. I’m really not looking for, "You’re an arrogant jerk," or, "I completely disagree with everything you teach." If that’s the case, it’s more polite to just move on to someone you agree with. But, "Wasn’t that a little extreme?" or "Is it really okay to say that so confidently?" is input I’m looking for.

Your own idea that you might think is important would be great, too.

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