Through the Bible in a Year: This Week’s Readings

We will go through Matthew this week, and I have divided it up in this way:

Monday, January 16: Matthew 1 to 7
Tuesday, January 17: Matthew 8 to 12
Wednesday, January 18: Matthew 13 to 17
Thursday, January 19: Matthew 18 to 23
Friday, January 20: Matthew 24 to 28

Matthew drew a lot more comments from me than Genesis did! So during this week’s writings I began carefully dividing up the sections I’m commenting on. On Wednesday (perhaps I’ll go back and do this for Tuesday’s before you get there, but I can’t promise yet) I added "(Advanced)" to some of the sections so that you could know the sections that are best to skip if you need or want to.

The goal, remember, is to get you reading the Scripture. I want my commentary to make Scripture easy for you to understand, not to replace it!

Prayer Request

Please pray for me this week. I’d really appreciate it. As I write this, I’m done with Wednesday’s commentary. I have just finished large doses of radiation and a final chemotherapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant on Tuesday (tomorrow) to cure my acute leukemia.

Thanks to so many prayers already, I am doing well and am able to keep writing these Through-the-Bible commentaries. It’s really miraculous. I’m trying to get ahead to cover the times that I may not be able to keep up. Trips to ICU are not uncommon for people going through my treatment, and "neutropenic fevers" are very common. Mouth sores and stomach and intestinal pains that force patients onto morphine or even stronger pain relievers are expected.

"Pain medication will be your friend," I was told.

I don’t want to do that.

If all goes well, the mouth and stomach pain danger should go away in about two weeks, though healing could take much longer, and the danger of the fevers and ICU should go away in about 6 weeks.

Again, people’s prayers have been so effective already that it’s miraculous. I’d like to keep serving you this way, though, and I feel like God led me to do this despite the severe treatment I’m going through. Thank you very much for your labors for me in prayer.

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I am a church historian and pastor, but I do occasionally play APBA baseball for fun.
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  1. maria group says:

    Our labors of prayer and love are constant for you and your family. We thank God for the evidence of His power and Grace in your life and I thank Him for what He is teaching me through you. May the power of Christ rest upon you! We continue in love….The Groups

    • Shammah says:

      Thank you, Maria! I only approved one of your posts, since they were duplicates (sort of). Once I approve a comment the first time, usually they don’t have to be approved anymore and will go right up. There are a lot of spammers on the internet. I don’t get a lot of spam, but when I do, they generally spam dozens of my posts. So I like the system I have. It prevents trash from going up through my comment system, but it still allows good people to post freely once they’ve been approved once.

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