Read Through the Bible in a Year (with Commentary)

We will begin our plan to read through the Bible in a year with Genesis chapters one through five.

For the rest of this week:

Tuesday, Jan. 3: chapters 6 to 11
Wednesday, Jan. 4: chapters 12 to 15
Thursday, Jan. 5: chapters 16 to 20
Friday, Jan. 6: chapters 21 to 24:10 (ch. 24, v. 10)

The general plan, after that, is as follows. I’ll give you the exact chapters at the start of each week.

Jan. 9-13: Finish Genesis
Jan. 16-20: Read the whole Gospel of Matthew
Jan. 23-27: First half of Exodus
Jan. 30-Feb. 3: Finish Exodus
Feb. 6-10: Leviticus
Feb. 13-15: Mark (and probably another small book)
Feb. 20-24: Start Numbers
Feb. 27-Mar. 2: Finish Numbers
Mar. 5-9: Start Deuteronomy
Mar. 12-16: Finish Deuteronomy (and probably another small book)
Mar. 19-23: Luke
Mar. 26-30: Acts

I do have a goal of never leaving a book unfinished on a Friday. We want to treat these as individual books, the record of God’s people, not as one whole book. The Bible is not a book; it is a very small library.

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