The Foolishness of the Message Preached

“It pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.”

For those of us who fancy ourselves apologists, it can be difficult to rest in the foolishness of the message preached. We want to be able to explain the reasonableness of the Gospel, and we hope to make the path to faith easier and the response of God more sure by our guidance.

It is true that the Gospel is a confrontation and an ultimatum, whether we like it or not. We cannot help God respond nor make the Gospel more palatable. Either what we preach is true and God will back it up with supernatural power or we need to find something different to preach. The true Gospel is powerful whether we can explain it or not. When it seems foolish to men that Christ died for sins, then God is all the more pleased to save those who believe through the foolishness of the message preached.

Let us beware lest in our human wisdom and desire to “help” God that we become guilty of preaching a palatable but false Gospel that God must oppose.

“I will bring the wisdom of the wise to nothing.”

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2 Responses to The Foolishness of the Message Preached

  1. Faith says:

    That’s a good reminder. We aren’t more sophisticated than our creator. Good grief. There’s nothing like the human mind.

  2. Chris Cowan says:

    Amen. Reminds me of this video Francis Chan posted a while back, (which ended up inspiring a blog post of my own) basically about how we tend to want to apologize for or explain away some of the stuff God says in the Bible, but in actuality, we need to be approaching what He says with more humility. Because… “there are some things we can’t afford to get wrong.”

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