Free Chapters of My Book: The Council of Nicea

I posted earlier today, too, with more content :-D.

If you read my blog, you probably know that I’ve been working on a book about the Council of Nicea. My writing part is done. All I’m doing now is formatting.

I’m having trouble picking a title, so this blog post is for two reasons:

  • You can read four chapters of the book for free. You can find the links at the Council of Nicea page at Christian History for Everyman.
  • After you’ve read those, I’m taking title suggestions! If I use yours, I’ll give a free, signed copy of the book (for whatever that’s worth) and a $25 gift certificate to

For the record, I’ve tried three titles so far:

  • Setting It Straight: An Honest Man’s Look at the Council of Nicea
  • Going the Wrong Way: An Honest Man’s Look at the Council of Nicea
  • In the Beginning Was the Logos: The Council of Nicea for Everyman

I’m not very good at title creating. Any help or feedback is really appreciated.

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