Doctrines of Demons

I spent yesterday starting another book. I wrote a chapter and a half, and a finished the 2nd chapter this morning (rough draft only).

I’d like to get your help in writing that book, but I have to set some things up to make that happen. So hopefully, telling you how you can help me with that will be a tomorrow blog.

Today, I want to share 2 paragraphs from an email I sent.

Just to think about.

First …

Lead-in or Introduction

The email was about the fact that "sound doctrine," according to Scripture, involves things like the older men being reverent, dignified, sensible and sound in love, faith, and perseverance and the older women teaching the younger women how to love their husbands and raise their children.

That’s from Titus 2. Read it sometime and note that it starts by saying that these are the things that pertain to "sound doctrine."

So, here was my 2 paragraph comment at the end of my little dissertation.

2 Paragraphs To Chew or Choke On

How many Christians are there that want to live in obedience to Christ, and they get along so well when they talk about Christ and his commands? Then, as soon as they get on their churches’ pet issues … boom, they’re divided.

So then 2 people that really want to obey Christ go their separate ways so that each can fellowship with people who don’t want to obey Christ but do agree with them on the stupid, putrescent doctrines that demons taught to their godless denomination.


I’ll give you an example in the comment section so that this post stays short. It only takes a bite of meat to choke a person. No sense loading up the whole pork chop.

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4 Responses to Doctrines of Demons

  1. jeremiahbriggs says:

    It appears that many "Christians" are more interested in what feels good than in what is true. Perhaps God will grant their itching ears a good washing rather than a little tickle =]

  2. jason fitz says:

    I have thought about this issue much and I am not sure there will ever be a remedy. I think the only solution is to move to a place where the people are poor in spirit and create a glorious Church by the grace of God. Only then will you be able to have both quality and quantity. Trying to convince those who have been corrupted by bad seed is nearly impossible like a camel going through the eye of a needle. The rich love their money and the religious love their doctrine. Both can be loved and controlled and demand no self denial.

  3. Kallah says:

    Amen and keep em coming. I read every blog you write and my goal is to read all the ones I missed before I started reading every blog you write. Our kids are benefitting too, as I read many of them for devotions. Thank you Friend.

  4. shammahbn says:


    Back in 1987, when I was a lot more ignorant about Christian doctrine and history, I met a man from the "Church of Christ." We got to talking about Jesus, and he was excited.

    "It feels so good," he said, "to talk about God with you. No one at my church really even wants to talk about God."

    We visited a couple times, and then he found out that I was baptized by the Assembly of God.

    He asked me, "Why were you baptized? Weren't you baptized for the remission of sins?"

    "No," I replied. "I couldn't be. My sins were already forgiven."

    He was horrified. He even yelled at me enough that his own wife told him to calm down.

    That was the end of our fellowship. He went back to "fellowship" with people that didn't even want to talk about God. I went back to fellowship with the few people I knew that did want to talk about Jesus.

    I've seen such situations happen repeatedly.

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