Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back Pain, and Trigger Point Therapy

I don’t normally write health blogs, but health is an interest of mine, especially muscle and joint pain. I don’t normally write blogs to sell things, but this is something everyone needs to know about.

Yesterday on the radio I heard a lady say she had quit her job due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Today National Public Radio reported that a well-done scientific study indicates that glucosamine doesn’t help with back pain. They also reported that 20 million Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain, and 5 million are trying glucosamine to treat it.

I can’t bear knowing that people are suffering in ignorance.

Why a Great Supplement Like Glucosamine Doesn’t Work on Back Pain

Glucosamine is awesome for your knees, but there’s a reason that it doesn’t help back pain any better than a sugar pill does.

Chronic lower back pain is almost never caused by your spine. It’s almost always caused by muscles. (I’ll give you a reference to a thoroughly researched scientific paper for that as soon as my broken computer comes back with all it’s bookmarks on it.)

So is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is completely crazy that people are getting dangerous and expensive surgery, plus leaving their jobs, over a condition that can be cured most of the time WITH A FREE MASSAGE!!!.

Well, with a bunch of free massages.

Julie Donnelly is one of many people who treat back pain—and a lot of other joint pain—with trigger point therapy. IT WORKS!

She has a book on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome called, oddly enough, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It tells you how to look for the muscles causing the pain in the nerve that goes through your carpal tunnel.

On my wife, the muscle turned out to be in the side of her neck. Two days, four massages, and she didn’t have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome anymore.

I did the massages, not a professional. Julie Donnelly teaches you how to treat yourself … LOTS cheaper that way!

Lower Back Pain

As for your back, you really have to do exercises as well as trigger point therapy. Even a lot of chiropractic work fails because they put your tailbone and vertebrae in the right spot, but then your misaligned muscles pulls your spine out of alignment again. So you become dependent on your chiropractor.

Her book on joint pain, which includes back pain, is called Pain-Free Living.

If you have lower back pain, you’ll have to wait till I write a web page on lower back exercises or research some one your own, and you need to do the trigger point therapy. Especially if the pain is also in your hips.

Upper Back Pain

If you have upper back pain, the trigger point therapy will fix it almost every time … and quickly.

How to Get Julie Donnelly’s Books

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome book is very inexpensive. The Pain-Free Living book runs at typical bookstore prices.

This link—Julie Donnelly’s Julstro System—will send you to her order page. However, you ought to read what she’s written on joint pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome before you order. Just follow the links at her site.

Yes, I get a commission if you use this link. Thank you very much.

I’m telling you, though, if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or back pain, you’ll be thanking me.

Purpose of This Page

I did not write this page because I’m trying to make money. I wrote this page because it kills me to hear people say they quit their job over Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I know very well that at least 60% of them, probably more, wouldn’t have it if they knew how to treat it.


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