Answered Prayer Revisited

This morning my warehouse manager, Dean, came in to tell me that his mom had just called from Sacramento shouting, "I’m healed, I’m healed."

A few weeks ago, a set of shelves (installed by her and her husband) fell off her bathroom wall onto her. As she lay on the floor, seconds later, her sister called from Florida, not a very common occurrence. She took the call, slurring her words, barely conscious, and her sister yelled at her over the phone, trying to keep her awake.

The sister instructed Dean’s mom to call the next-door neighbor and that she’d call back in 2 minutes. The next door neighbor, fortunately enough, was up and dressed, which was unusual for her at 8 a.m. (I guess she’s an artist or something, Dean said.)

The neighbor called 911, and the EMT team showed up in 2 minutes. They found her unconscious, and they had to hit her with a defibrillator 3 times to get her heart going.

They got it going, but Dean’s mom was left with numerous stroke symptoms: weakness on one side, slurred, slow speech, and she had difficulty reading and writing. She also couldn’t handle light, needing sunglasses outside. She was weak and tired.

Recovery has been very slow for weeks, and two weeks ago I let Dean off for a few days to go visit her.

Apparently, his mom decided yesterday that she needed more prayer, and she went to see a friend at a charismatic, non-denominational church she attends. Her friend prayed for her yesterday, and today she woke up symptomless. No pain, no slurred speech, no weakness, and her reading and writing ability is back to normal.

Does This Happen All the Time?

No. A lot of people don’t get healed. I have another friend who works for me whose mom did have a stroke, and though she’s almost completely well, she had no miraculous healing, and she still has some effects of it.

Dramatic stories like this happen rarely, at least in my experience.

I’ve seen only a couple such things. Friends in foreign countries–friends I know are honest–have told me many more. There’s a lot of unbelief in the US, and we’re already inundated with the message of Christ. Where the message is new and the unbelief is less, God seems more prone to displaying miraculous power (Matt. 13:58).

However, I could tell a hundred less dramatic stories, and I’ve forgotten many times that. I remember, for example, getting up one morning during a drought here convinced God wanted us to pray for an end to the drought. At our gathering that morning, I asked everyone to pray, and one of the ladies said, "Can we pray the rain starts Tuesday? We’re taking my students to the zoo on Tuesday."

The rain began as they were in the parking lot leaving the zoo. That was in the late Spring of 2007 or 2008, I don’t remember which.

One of the things that builds my faith the most is how often I know, before I ever pray, whether there’s power in our prayers. It’s not that we simply prayed for a drought to end. I’m sure we did before that Sunday, and it didn’t happen. But when we were led to pray, and we prayed, it happened.

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  1. John Bob says:

    I love the way that God does this stuff. I always think about Lazarus.

    That perspective is always there… whatever he does, he does for the glory of the Father. He does it all so that people would know that He is God, and there is no other.

    I’m excited to see what is next in the story of Dean’s family.

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