Who Really Goes to Hell?

I was stunned today to run across a book today called The Gospel You’ve Never Heard on a web site called Who Really Goes to Hell.

I was stunned because he wrote about things I have been teaching for 18 years.

Until today, I’d never heard anyone else teach them.

Admittedly, the writing is more complete, the research is deeper, and he solved an issue on the atonement—involving one word—that I’ve never been able to solve, but otherwise it’s exactly what I teach (and what’s been accepted and approved by the church here). I got it from the early Christians, he seems to have found it on his own.

You ought to read it.

Or at least read the short version!

Or better yet, check out the home page at Who Really Goes to Hell, the short version linked directly above, and then show some support and buy the print version, which is very inexpensive.


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