GoodSearch: Would You Like to Help Contribute to Rose Creek Village Ministries . . . for Free?

Good Search

GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates 50% of its proceeds to charity. Better yet, it lets you choose the charity.

Their 50% works out to approximately 1 penny per search conducted on their page. Think of it! You can contribute to the kingdom of God without spending a dime. Just do what you’ve always done, but do it at GoodSearch.

Rose Creek Village Ministries

Rose Creek Village Ministries is devoted to speaking about, demonstrating, and spreading the life of God. As I write this, we have three people in Nakuru helping establish a church walking in the unity Christ prayed for, bound together by the Spirit of God.

Our missionaries stand out overseas. Unlike most preachers, they have not shown up simply to teach. They have shown up to fellowship.

The church we are starting there is based in a slum area of Nakuru, Kenya. The destitute families there are constantly astonished to find “Muzungus” (white people) coming into their houses to visit. They are thrilled, and they go out of their way to show all the hospitality they can.

Here in America and overseas, we want to bring far more than church services. We want to bring the life of God and teach the followers of Christ to live that life together, taking care of one another. Like the churches the apostles started, we teach the followers of Christ to share everything with one another, taking care of one another like we are more than family to one another–which we are. We are one Spirit in Christ.

Combining the Two

Rose Creek Village Ministries is listed with GoodSearch.

RCV Ministries doesn’t waste money. We have no paid employees, so no one profits from the ministry. What we have extra goes to orphans in India and Myanmar through Voice of Gospel’s Mercy Homes and through Orphan’s Tear.

I’m asking you to consider doing your searches with GoodSearch, and don’t forget GoodShop as well! No extra cost, you simply get to the places you’ve always shopped using GoodShop as your portal.

Thank you!

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