Answer to Prayer

Actually, this is an answer to a prayer that wasn’t even prayed. Sometimes he answers before we even call on him.

One of the school projects for our Jr. High boys was to build a windmill and learn about power generation and green power in the process. We purchased instructions for building an inexpensive windmill, we got some men with experience in eletrical power to teach them, and they set to work following the building instructions.

When it came time to measure and cut the blades for the windmill, the boys hit a standstill. Justin, the most experienced craftsman of the students, wasn’t sure how to cut it exactly.

As they debated the best process, one of our construction guys drove up. They nabbed him, got his advice, and got the blades cut.

It’s not like our construction guys drive up, during the day, to a school class on a regular basis. This was completely out of the blue and an answer to prayer, even if that prayer was unvocalized.

As my wife sought to struggle through the rest of the project, the next blessing from God was that same construction worker, Ray, volunteering to take over the project.

No, that sort of answer to prayer will never convince an atheist that God is real.

When you live your life like this on an ongoing basis, however, it begins to become obvious that our God, who has always been a God who hides himself, is happy to reveal himself to those whose hearts are his.

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I am a church historian and pastor, but I do occasionally play APBA baseball for fun.
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