Answers to Prayer

I want to do a series of posts on answers to prayer. I heard a neat one on the radio yesterday that I’ll start with.

I have disabled comments, but you can email me with the link to the left. I am looking for more prayer stories to post, but please limit it to stories you are confident really happened. No stories from someone you were told about through someone in your church. Either you need to be an eyewitness or someone you personally know and trust.

The first story here violates the standard I just gave. However, I will tell you that this was called into the Dave Ramsey show on Friday afternoon, Dec. 19. As a caveat, let me point out that I think Dave Ramsey’s financial advice is good. It is horrifying to me, however, that a show can start every day with the statement that its purpose includes “the pursuit of piles of cash,” yet still end with “the only way to financial peace is to know the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus.” The last statement, as wonderful as it is, isn’t even true. Lots of people have financial peace by following great financial advice like the advice Dave Ramsey gives, whether or not they know Jesus. If you know Jesus, then you’ll know that he doesn’t approve of “the pursuit of piles of cash.” He considers it “foolish” (Luk. 12:20-21). He prefers the pursuit of holiness (Heb. 12:14).

Okay, so this lady calls and says she was frightened because she was “unexpectedly expecting.” She was concerned about their financial ability to take care of this child. Then one day she ran across one of those adopt-a-child-overseas charities, and one child available had the same birthdate as her child. (The birthdate matched her first son; the one she was expecting was her second son.) She said she felt very impressed by God to support this child despite their limited finances.

She obeyed God, and soon after she was told that she won $50,000 in an essay contest she had entered. She at first was thrilled by God’s blessing, but then she was scared. She said she knows that God often provides even before we know our own need, and she wondered what calamity would lead to her needing $50,000. As it turned out, she spent the last few months of her pregnancy on bed rest, without a job, and her and her husband did need the $50,000. On the other hand, it was enough.

She was terribly excited about this story and gave great praise to God for taking care of her family. She emphasized the importance of obeying when God speaks. It was really neat.

At the same time, we at Rose Creek Village are also going through an answer to prayer. One of our young men, now 18, was born with heart defects. Repairing the major problem had to wait until he was through puberty. So a couple years ago he had heart valve replacement surgery at Le Bonheur in Memphis. Recently, though, there were a lot of problems, so he had to go back in for further, possibly even more comprehensive, open heart surgery.

We didn’t only pray for the surgery to go well. We prayed for the surgeon and staff to see God in Austin and the others visiting him at the hospital.

Thursday, two days ago, Austin went through 9 hours of surgery. The surgeon came out exhausted, saying that  he’d left the closing up to younger helpers; he was too tired. He said it went well, that they fixed several problems, and that Austin would be at 100% for the first time. Then he added, “You sure could see God in that young man. He just glowed.”

Probably just a coincidence, huh? If you have any such “coincidences” you want to tell me about or for me to put up in this series of posts, email me.

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