Change in Comment Structure

The spam in my comment section has become unbearable. I’m not interested in deleting that trash anymore, so I cancelled the comment section. In its place, you can follow the link to the right that will take you to a form where you can email me. If it’s something other than personal encouragement, I’d be pretty likely to post it. On the other hand, I refused to approve a long defense of the JW version of the Trinity that someone posted in the comment section, so I do refuse some comments.

This WordPress template is probably great, I guess. it does make putting posts up a little easier. However, I was pretty irritated with its method for dealing with spam. If I wanted, I could have typed in all those awful words that were being posted in my comment section, and any comment containing those words would have been automatically deleted as spam. Oh, joy. I’d rather not. Maybe they could pay someone to type in those words like they paid a programmer to make the program. What’s worse is that there was no option for whole or partial words. So, if I tell it not to allow comments with the word sex in it, then anyone who mentioned they were from Middlesex, England or mentioned the use of a sextant or who knows what else would have their comment deleted automatically.

So the comment section is just gone. Use the link at the right!

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I am a church historian and pastor, but I do occasionally play APBA baseball for fun.
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