Through the Bible in a Year: Exodus 25-28

This week’s Bible reading is Exodus 21-40, 4 chapters each day.

Overall year’s plan is here.

This Week Is Readers Week!

We’ve covered a lot in these first four weeks through the Bible, and I’ve gotten great feedback and input from y’all. Now I need some space to rest. I believe it will take a week before I can get ahead again.

Here are two solutions for this week’s reading for yourselves:

  • Ask questions in the comments about today’s reading.</li
  • Answer other people’s questions when you see them

And I will pitch into the discussions as I am able, though I am going to be working on the following week’s blogs already.

Don’t give up on the Bible reading! That is the point, to make the Scriptures comfortable to understand (though once you understand they provide their own discomfort), so that you become practiced at loving all the Words of God, digging deeper into them, and obeying them.

So "pay it forward"; share your thoughts with one another.

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